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Information for Health Care Professionals:


Thank you for your referral. We take great pride in our reputation for effectively coordinating problem-focused psychotherapy and sophisticated psychopharmacology. Kindly think of our practice for patients presenting for the first time with emotional difficulties, as well as patients who require long term management of established conditions.


Making a Referral

All referrals are made to the group practice: we will triage the "=2 0" patient to the best provider for the patient’s needs. Most managed-care plans allow patients to self-refer for mental health evaluation. You can instruct your patient to call 508-797-0537, and press “1” when prompted in the initial voicemail greeting. The administrative staff frequently checks for these messages, and works to return phone calls within one business day. 

What Your Patient Should Expect

Psychotherapy and medication management are equal partners in treatment. Kindly remember that a therapist first evaluates all patients referred for treatment during one to three evaluation sessions. If medication management is indicated, the therapist will make the referral f or medication evaluation. 

What the Referring Clinician Should Expect

All Apogee patients sign an authorization for communication between the Apogee treatment team and the primary care provider. You will receive a letter confirming that your patient has started psychotherapy with an Apogee provider. If psychopharmacology consultation is initiated, you will receive a letter outlining the diagnosis and treatment plan. You will likely be asked to send copies of recent laboratory studies and other appropriate medical information; Apogee is a partner with you in the management of the medical and psychiatric health of your patients.

If You Have Any Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to contact us through the private line into the office: 508-797-0537


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